At Alliance Companies, Inc., we evaluate our operations continuously to make our organization one of the safest in the industry. From day one, our safety-first attitude is ingrained in each employee as they become orientated to our culture of safety. We strive to eliminate avoidable workplace injuries, lessen the severity and frequency of occurrences, and minimize risk on all of our job sites. We have a multi-pronged approach that begins at the start of every workday. Safety is an integral part of our culture and nomenclature, all of which has helped create an effective, reliable, and safe work environment.


Experience Modification Rate=.75

Aligned With Safety

Daily Safety Discussion Huddles

These essential meetings are for sharing information about potential or existing safety issues. They increase safety awareness among the front-line, allowing for our team to develop an action plan to address identified safety issues, and foster a culture of safety.


Weekly Toolbox Talks

Our short, weekly safety discussion huddles are an easy way for our foremen to heighten awareness of workplace hazards, plus supplement the OSHA training efforts for our organization—keeping safety front and center.



Our team of safety professionals conduct regular “mock” OSHA inspections that provide us with learning opportunities and the necessary checks and balances to ensure we are consistently operating in a safe manner.

just ask! We can tailor a site specific program for projects of all sizes and complexities.